First Rate DJ Services

First Rate DJ Services

Across Brooklyn And Neighboring Cities

A party is not complete without the right DJ services to heat up the dance floor. If you are searching for an experienced and skilled DJ and event producer for your wedding reception party, birthday party, or any other celebrations, DJ Byrd is the perfect person to call.

DJ Byrd Productions offers the complete DJ package around Brooklyn, Atlantic City, Boston, or Greenwich (and other areas surrounding them), covering all your audio, visual and other multimedia needs. Get in touch now and let us know how we can bring your party to a whole other level!

What is a DJ?

Disk Jockeys, also known as DJs, are seen by most as the epitome of bringing great music to the people. Today’s current concept of a DJ is someone who spins records and thus makes great mixes and the kind of music you just can’t help but dance to.

A blast from the past

DJs have been around since the early 1930s. In 1909, the very first person to play recorded music for an audience was Ray Newby. With his small transmitter, Ray, a college student by then, would play records for nearby listeners.

The term “DJ” was coined in the 1930s when radio became the next big thing. The first dance party with a DJ was in 1943 when Jimmy Savile would play upbeat jazz records for attendees. He then moved on later to open up a discotheque in 1947.

The art of what we know as “spinning” today came into play during the 1960s to the 1970s, when DJ Kool Herc invented the “break.” This involves the use of two turntables and two unique records and elevated DJs from mere players of recorded music into artists, and makers of a style of sound unique to them.

Nowadays, DJs are leaving the classic turntable and “break” techniques behind for the more modern, more convenient mp3 and digital format. Nevertheless, the music being played by the DJ has not dropped in quality, or in its ability to make listeners sway to the beat.

DJ Byrd Productions – the complete DJ package

The mission of the DJ still stays the same despite the developments in technology or styles of play: it is to bring great music to the people. DJ Byrd Productions has been around since songs like Love Is The Message and Dance to the Drummer’s Beat were hot on the radio waves.

Whether it’s a wedding, a house party, or a reunion that’s going down around New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Massachusetts, DJ Byrd Productions is here to give you a great time through great quality music. Contact DJ Byrd Productions today for unrivaled DJ services. Contact us today at 917-403-1016 and let us discuss your DJ needs.