Professional MC Services

Professional MC Services

Across Brooklyn And Neighboring Cities

DJ Byrd Productions also offers MC services for corporate events, weddings, and other private parties or events. Our MC is trained and experienced in interacting with people in events and so he will surely keep your party rolling

DJ Byrd Productions is not only a DJ but also an experienced MC ready to cater to any occasion that needs a reliable person on the mic to guide the flow of the program. For birthday parties, or wedding entertainment in Brooklyn, NY, DJ Byrd is your man!

What is an MC?

A master of ceremonies (MC) is a person who makes sure that the program flows smoothly and well. Being the host, it is the job of an MC to tie everything together so the event runs without a hitch. An MC does this by making any announcements that need to be made; introducing speakers or other notable guests in the event; notifying the start of any part of the program that needs the attention or participation of the guests; and even coming up with spills to entertain and engage the listeners in-between parts of the program.

What makes a good MC?

At a very basic level, a good MC should know how to read, react to, and lead the vibe of the audience, especially with a crowd as tough as Brooklyn residents (or as down as the audience in New Jersey). They should be entertaining, outward, fun, but at the same time, they should be able to match the atmosphere and tone of the audience. If the event is solemn, an MC will learn to make the tone more serious. If the event is a party, an MC should be able to give the audience a fun time.

Other technicalities include an MC knowing the speakers or notable guests, being familiar with the program and its theme, and properly coordinating with other service providers at the party such as the DJ to make sure things go smoothly.

Did you know that you can hire DJ Byrd Productions not only as a DJ for your event (for a great time with great music) but also one who can provide rocking MC services to make sure that everything ties together and flows smoothly? For parties, celebrations, and even wedding entertainment around New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, call us now!